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6 on 5 Offense
by Rich Corso, Havard Water Polo Foundation

General Prinicples of the Six-on-Five Offense

  1. Following an ejection, look for the "quick" shot before the offense has a chance to cover up.
  2. After the ejection, make the first pass "safe" and high.
  3. Start wide and spread out. If the defense does not attack, move forward to commit the defense, then look to pass the ball.
  4. The absolute key to scoring in the 6 on 5 offense is to execute accurate shootable passes.
  5. Set the goalie and the defender with a European fake, then pass the ball quickly.
  6. Move the ball across the goal in order to get the goalie and defenders to move.
  7. Try to get the defense out of position with ball movement. Shoot the ball as soon as you receive it and before the defense can react.
  8. If a defender attacks any of the four outside players (1, 4, 5 or 6) try to get the ball to the post player (2 or 3). Don't force it.
  9. Try to get the middle defender to move across the goal and out of position. If he is slow moving across, pass the ball to the postman.
  10. If you get knocked down, do not try to force a pass, simply turn around and draw the foul.
  11. Players 1 and 6 must try to beat the goalie and defender to the corner of the goal with quick, high and hard shots.
  12. Players 4 and 5 must move toward the center of the cage before a shot is attempted. Avoid having a defender block your shot with his arms by shooting around or under them.
  13. Post players 2 and 3 must always be ready to receive the ball from any of the other four players. Shoot quickly! You may have to shoot cross-cage to avoid the goalie.
  14. Stay in the system, 6 in etc. Work all the options.
  15. When you are red or even you should have a cross court.
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